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PUCK - Co-Owner, parsley taster,
and mailroom attendant

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BREAKING NEWS - Rub Tubsen asked to report to GP headquarters asap!

In a surprise move, Puck and Rub Tubsen have been removed from the board of directors by a unanimous vote by Zeus. While a press release stated that it was for "conflict of interest" and possibly "surliness", inside sources have revealed Puck and Tubsen took out a $50 life insurance policy on Zeus, when they heard the CEO was suffering another round of stones in his bladder. Our sources have also disclosed that Puck has started his own line of children’s t-shirts and onesies entitled, Poop Happens.
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While Zeus refused to give an official comment we did catch up with him as he left his doctor's office and he stated, “$50! I am priceless! Puck has added insult to injury.”

While Puck and Tubsen will retain their other jobs at, notably as servants and mailroom attendants, they have not been seen at work the last few months. The security guard at GiddyPigs headquarters, Zeffir Belixr, told us, “They may be keeping a low profile, or they may be on an adventure. Never can tell with those two.”
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Zeus wows top Hollywood executives with his idea for a new reality TV show.

Octopus Bookstore
Healthy Pets HQ
Brittons - Glebe
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  • Parsley Plus Cleaner - All natural, and leaves your home smelling parsley clean! Buy now for $5.95
  • Peppermint Parsley Soap - a delightful soap to wash your hands and face. Your pets never smelled you so good! Regular size - $4 Small size - $1.49
  • The delightful adventures of Zeus and Puck, Episode 1 - $2.99
  • The delightful adventures of Zeus and Puck, Episode 2 - $2.99 Please ignore the price on the picture, Zeus was in a benevolent mood and decided to knock a penny off the price!
  • T-shirt - Parsley is the opiate of my people Prices (Organic & Regular) $15 - $26 This is the famous quote from Zeus when he was leader of the Red Parsley Brigade in the Andes.
  • T-shirt - Club Zeus Prices (Organic & Regular) $15 - $26
  • T-shirt - Experiment, life is short Prices (Organic & Regular) $15 - $26
  • Join the revolution with Che Zeus! (Inside card is blank)
  • So you're moving on… (Inside) …you will be missed.
  • Just wanted to say… (Inside) Thank you
  • (Inside) Nothing. Just wanted to send you a card.
  • (Inside) Happy Birthday!
  • (Inside) You're a class act.
  • (Inside) I'm sorry.

Free Swag - Collector's Buttons and Bookmarks

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Get free BUTTONS and BOOKMARKS at:
Brittons, PC Perfect, and Octopus Books in the Glebe.


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Puck the cat sends his picture to Puck.


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Lady Di, age 11, discusses her future with Peanuts the guinea pig.


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Bart Simpson understands guinea pigs.


Zeus wanted to do a dance video until he realized it was a lot of work, so he decided to do an eat video.
Zeus writes a Christmas carol for vegetarians. He has been a dedicated vegan since birth.
The now infamous Giddy Pig theme song.
A small business empire run by two rather handsome guinea pigs